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11/13/2022Reverend Doug Knight Sufficient, Strength, Small (Doug Knight -- 11-13-2022 --Sufficient, Small, Strength.mp3)
Isaiah 31:2
Additional scripture: Judges 7:22
Download Doug Knight -- 11-13-2022 --Sufficient, Small, Strength.mp3
09/25/2022Reverend Doug Knight Lift Up Christ (Doug Knight -- Lift Up Christ -- 9-25-2022.mp3)
Psalms 53: various
Download Doug Knight -- Lift Up Christ -- 9-25-2022.mp3
09/18/2022Reverend Doug Knight Be A Witness (Doug Knight -- Be A Witness -- 9-18-2022.mp3)
Acts 26: various
Download Doug Knight -- Be A Witness -- 9-18-2022.mp3
09/11/2022Reverend Doug Knight Don't Worry (Doug Knight -- 9-11-2022 -- Don't Worry.mp3)
Matthew 6:
Download Doug Knight -- 9-11-2022 -- Don't Worry.mp3
02/27/2022Reverend Doug Knight Higher Standard (Doug Knight -- Higher Standard -- 2-27-2022.mp3)
Nehemiah 5:1-13
As Christians we should hold ourselves to a high standard for all we do in our lives -- and adhere to those standards.
Download Doug Knight -- Higher Standard -- 2-27-2022.mp3
02/13/2022Reverend Doug Knight The Love of God (Doug Knight -- The Love of God -- 2-13-2022.mp3)
1 Corinthians 13
This is the day before Valentine's Day, February 14, 2022 - and this sermon emphasizes the most magnificent love of all -- the love of God. God's love, sincerely manifested in the souls and minds of people, can absolutely change the world for the best. May we all exhibit that love in our daily lives.
Download Doug Knight -- The Love of God -- 2-13-2022.mp3

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