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01/15/2023Reverend Doug Knight Best Friends (Doug Knight -- Best Friends -- 1-15-2023.mp3)
Proverbs 18:24
Download Doug Knight -- Best Friends -- 1-15-2023.mp3
12/25/2022Reverend Doug Knight Christmas List (Doug Knight -- Christmas List -- 12-25-2022.mp3)
Additional scripture from Luke
Download Doug Knight -- Christmas List -- 12-25-2022.mp3
12/04/2022Reverend Doug Knight Only One Life (Doug Knight -- 12-4-2022.mp3)
2 Corinthians 5:various
Download Doug Knight -- 12-4-2022.mp3
11/13/2022Reverend Doug Knight Sufficient, Strength, Small (Doug Knight -- 11-13-2022 --Sufficient, Small, Strength.mp3)
Isaiah 31:2
Additional scripture: Judges 7:22
Download Doug Knight -- 11-13-2022 --Sufficient, Small, Strength.mp3
09/25/2022Reverend Doug Knight Lift Up Christ (Doug Knight -- Lift Up Christ -- 9-25-2022.mp3)
Psalms 53: various
Download Doug Knight -- Lift Up Christ -- 9-25-2022.mp3
09/18/2022Reverend Doug Knight Be A Witness (Doug Knight -- Be A Witness -- 9-18-2022.mp3)
Acts 26: various
Download Doug Knight -- Be A Witness -- 9-18-2022.mp3

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